Introduce Us to New Clients and Earn a Cash Bonus

Wimmer Solutions is always on the lookout for opportunities to bring value to new clients and industry leading companies through our staffing,  consulting, and managed solutions offerings. With nearly 15 years of experience, we’ve learned that best source of connections is the community that knows us best: our team members and friends. If you know of someone who could benefit from our services in the Puget Sound area, you can take advantage of our referral program and receive a generous cash bonus for each business opportunity you refer that results in a new contract for services. Just provide a few basic details below, and we’ll follow up with the person you refer within a few days. Please note, bonus rates range from $250 – $5,000 depending on position type, location, and other factors. There is no limit to how many referrals you can make, or how much you can earn, so let’s get started!

Who is Eligible for our New Business Referral Program?
  • All Wimmer field empoyees
  • Wimmer Solutions corporate staff (excluding Director-level and higher)
  • members of the Wimmer Solution Talent Network
Who should you refer?
  • People on your immediate team, such as hiring managers or team leads
  • Other business leaders you know personally or professionally
  • Family or friends
  • Former colleagues

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How did you learn about this opportunity?

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the fine print

  • All Wimmer Solutions Field Employees, members of the Wimmer Solutions Talent Network, and other friends of Wimmer are eligible to participate
  • Referral must be submitted using this form
    – referrals submitted without a complete form will be considered ineligible
  • Referral must be submitted prior to contract initiation
    – referrals submitted retroactively are not eligible for a bonus
  • Client contacts must be new to Wimmer Solutions, or inactive with Wimmer for at least 12 months, to be considered eligible
  • To earn a referral bonus, a contract for new business between Wimmer Solutions and the referred client must be initiated within six months of submission
  • The program is ongoing, as amended from time to time for special incentives

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We provide our employees with a level of support that’s tailored to the individual: from hosting special events year-round, to providing creative and personalized support through their own dedicated point of contact, to helping them connect with the greater community.

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