Matt Shoop


Please describe your role at Wimmer Solutions

Matt Shoop Wimmer Solutions

Matt Shoop rules (at recruiting)!

“I serve in the company of Masters of Talent Acquisition.”
There is a small team of genius talent engineers at Wimmer that allow me to contribute in a few small ways. Our responsibilities can be broken into three major sections: sourcing awesomeness, determining greatness, and destroying the red tape that often hinders said awesomeness to get the offer they deserve. The struggle to overcome these obstacles is constant but the rewards are immense when I can help someone find that opportunity that changes their life forever.


What is your favorite thing about working at Wimmer?

So many choices! I love the community in the office where we all pull together to accomplish miracles, like placing a candidate in a very specific role at one of our Fortune 500 clients. I have such a great relationship with our field (out-of-the-office) employees, many of whom have been with the company for years and years. I also really appreciate the trust that leadership gives to each of us to solve our problems and then the support they give for our creative solutions.


How do you spend your time outside of work?

Matt Shoop Wimmer Solutions Technical Recruiter Climbs Mt. Everest

When Matt Shoop isn’t sourcing Java Developers and schooling everyone with his technical knowledge, he spends his time climbing Mt. Everest

A year ago I purchased a large wooden yacht and I spend a great deal of my spare time repairing, updating, and attempting to make ChrisCraft seaworthy. I have never owned a boat before and I have no clue what I am doing but the opportunity to learn is something I wouldn’t give away. Unless you ask nicely.


What advice would you give someone starting their career in your role?

Let’s make this question more fun and general for anyone starting any new career.

  1. Be the best at something specific and relevant in your occupation. Have the numbers (metrics) to back up the claim that you are one of the best. How do you do this? Hard work. It is possible to be good with eight hours of work a day but not likely.
  2. Set goals. Set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals. Be specific.
  3. Find mentors in your field. Schedule lunches, dinners, coffees, or drinks with people who amaze you. Pick their brains. Develop ongoing friendships. Keep in touch with each of them.
  4. Have more in your life than work. Climb a mountain, participate in a softball league, buy an old boat (from me). Challenge yourself! This variety in life will take you from a good employee to a great employee.



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