Sara Redler

Sara Redler, Sr Business Development Manager

Go Hawks!


Please describe your role at Wimmer Solutions

I do Business Development for Wimmer, which involves a lot of hunting and farming. My focus is Microsoft, where I do a mix of account management and business development within the account. I enjoy meeting new people, making connections, and growing our footprint.


What are your top reasons for working at Wimmer?

The people! I enjoy working with my peers and the Microsoft account team. Everyone on team is very helpful and it’s great having that support when working with an enterprise account. Everyone has a different value add and that is so valuable in offering a high-quality service. The end result is a satisfied client.


How do you spend your time outside of work?

Sara Redler, Sr. Business Develoment Manager

Sara enjoying her time outside of work in the PNW

I love the PNW. I like to travel, hike, wine, read, and eat. A goal of mine is to hike Monte Picchu! I am a member of a few wine clubs and when I am not drinking or hiking, I love spending time with my 13 year old daughter. She is amazing!


What advice would you give someone starting their career as a Business Development Manager?

The first 3-6 months is so important for the long term success of your role. Focus and keep going even if it seems like things are not happening fast enough. Sales is all about probability and focus, make sure to target the appropriate buyers and always follow up!




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