Top Recruiter, North America vs. Europe

At over $400 billion the talent industry is one of the biggest in the world – and also one of the hardest to make a tangible difference. Dealing with people and their careers, we have a huge responsibility for the growth of the global economy; but at the same time we are dealing with peoples’ individual lives, dreams and goals. For these reasons, the Talent industry has proved to be one of the hardest to ‘disrupt’. Watch the new hit docu-series that puts the spotlight on business, innovation, talent & people. Witness The Movement.

Watch Wimmer Solutions Founder/CEO, Matt Sauri, go head to head to show the world the business of leadership and the Wimmer Mentality. Episode 1 of 5 is now live, watch below!

For more info on how the show is structured, check out this article on about the show!

Episode 1

Check out advice from Matt in the videos below. Hear his top six pieces of advice for technology professionals.

Critical Thinking

Analytical Skills




Social Responsibility

Customer Orientation