Finance & Operations

Our Finance and Operations teams perform mission-critical roles across Wimmer Solutions’ entire portfolio of services, providing comprehensive financial oversight, facilities and equipment management, and top tier in-field IT support. The behind-the-scenes efforts of our talented financial, IT, and Operations professionals enable us to provide the best possible service to our clients, while ensuring our team members have an outstanding experience on assignment.

Jeff Bamman-b
Jeff Bamman
Dave Robson – b
Dave Robson
Director of Finance
Joel Lauer-b
Joel Lauer
Assistant Controller
Richard Krause
Richard Krause
Staff Accountant
Joey Neilson – 159×239
Joey Neilson
Operations Manager
Jason Marcotte – 159×239
Jason Marcotte
IT Support Engineer
Oxana Makarenko
Oxana Makarenko
Marketing Coordinator / Office manager
Nadia Syvilaylack
Nadia Syvilaylack
Executive Assistant
Emma Mae
Office Mascot