Our Story


by Matt Sauri, Founder & CEO

Born on June 5th, 1911 in New York City, Wimmer Solutions’ namesake Llewellyn ‘Bud’ Wimmer was my grandfather, a man who had a huge influence on my life and ways of thinking.

A tireless worker, Llewellyn’s mantras included:

      1. The only things you can control are your own willingness to make sacrifices and how hard you’re willing to work
      2. Do the right thing when no one is looking
      3. Be known for results.  Excuses, never

Even more than his sayings, his presence, his aura, and his way of doing things spoke volumes about his character.  For example, Llewellyn was extremely social, despite having a notoriously disciplined approach to business and career-minded pursuits.  He was quick to hold himself to a higher standard than others, yet few realized the pressure he put on himself to succeed. He believed that he could achieve anything, as long as it was important enough to be attempted.

Above all, Llewellyn was ethical and hard working.  He was respected by his colleagues and friends, but he didn’t need their appreciation to continue his path – one that led him to tremendous success in many facets of life.

Llewellyn was an accomplished swimmer who harbored a lifetime passion – and talent – for the sport.  At 17 years of age, he served as an alternate for the 1928 US Olympic Swim Team.  As an athlete, he was a leader for outworking those around him and for creating a winning attitude in his teammates.

Professionally, Llewellyn was best known for his work ethic and innovation, tenacious on both fronts.  Holding dual Masters’ degrees in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University, Llewellyn was a chemical engineer for Pfizer during WWII; shortly after joining the company (then a startup), he became a thought leader behind the first mass-production of Penicillin in order to tackle challenges he anticipated would surface because of the war.

As a person, Llewellyn was remembered not only for his fun loving and good natured ways, but also for his strength and depth as a husband, father, and grandfather. By far, his biggest purpose in life was caring for and loving his family.

Wimmer Solutions strives to be a testament to his persona, his legacy, and his way.  When I founded the company just over fifteen years ago, I put his name on the door to serve as a constant reminder of the standard he held. In doing so, I invited his standard to become ours, and to serve as a challenge to me and every member of the Wimmer Solutions team to live up to it every day. Fifteen years in, I believe that we have.  Hopefully telling the story of the journey thus far will enable the next fifteen to be just as successful as we continue to work, live, and play with the words of the great man in mind.