Top 10 Movies in 2002 vs. 2017

In celebration of Wimmer Solution’s 15th anniversary, the team has been doing a lot of reflecting. Looking at life 15 years ago, 2002 can feel like a different world. Blockbuster Video was a booming business, Internet Cafes were incredibly popular, and it took 12 and a half minutes to download ONE song. This Facebook-less and “simple” world can be hard for many to even imagine. Although 2002 and 2017 seem like completely different worlds, they do share some common themes: Big name movies.

Let’s Take a Look:

Source: IMDb

  1.  SPIDER-MAN Just about 20 years after the early Amazing Spider-man film series, Sam Raimi brought the notorious Marvel comic book story back to life.
  2. HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS Harry Potter returned for the 2nd time in 2002 as Harry, Ron, and Hermione attempt to discover the dark force that is terrorizing Hogwarts.
  3. GANGS OF NEW YORK tells the story of a young Amsterdam Vallon who returns to New York seeking revenge years after his father was killed in a major gang fight.
  4. CITY OF GOD This Brazilian crime film based on a true story depicts the rapid growth of organized crime, drug trafficking, and ultimately war that plagued Brazil from the end of 1960s until early 1980s.
  5. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN Based on a famous “former imposter” Frank Abagnale, Catch me if you can tells the story of a 19 year old successful con artist ultimately turned to help the FBI catch similar crimes.
  6. SCOOBY-DOO The infamous cartoon entitled Scooby-Doo Where are you? Is brought to life in 2002 as the Mystery Inc. gang is brought to investigate peculiar events occurring at a popular island resort
  7. DIE ANOTHER DAY Yet another James Bond movie proves itself a hit as Bond is sent to North Korea where he is ultimately captured and imprisoned.
  8. IRREVERSIBLE The haunting story of a woman who is brutally raped and beaten in Paris that is beautifully told in reverse-chronological order.
  9. THE TWO TOWERS The Lord of the Rings series returns for part two as each member attempts to destroy the One Ring while battling Saruman, the evil wizard.
  10. MINORITY REPORT This fantasy film set in 2054 where the police unit “precrime”  attempts to arrest murderers before the crime is even committed.


Just as 2002 was a big year for Wimmer Solutions, it likewise was at the box-office. The movie scene in 2002 is noted for a mass production of sequels as well popular foreign films.

When looking back, 2002 can feel like centuries ago.  That being said, the content in the movie theaters has stuck to many of the common themes we saw in 2002: comic books brought to life, sequels, and action based films.

Top 10 Movies of 2017 (So Far):

Source: IMDb

  1.  TRANSFORMERS 6 The transformers series returns for its sixth and final debut.
  2. WONDER WOMAN Mirroring the DC comics character Wonder Woman, this film depicts the story of Princess Diana who leaves home to help end the ongoing World War.
  3. THE MUMMY In this action based fantasy film, an ancient princess is resurrected by soldiers in contemporary society and they must work to stop her various rampages.
  4. OKJA This popular netflix film follows the story of Mija who does everything within her power to prevent a large corporation from taking her “super” pig Okja.
  5. CARS 3 The animation classic returns for the 3rd time as a newcomer Jackson Storm threatens to take Lighting McQueen’s title as Piston Cup Champion.
  6. ALL EYEZ ON ME This biographical film depicts the true story of the American rapper and actor Tupac Shakur though his rise to fame, his incredibly controversial time at Death Row Records, and a drive by shooting leading to his death.
  7. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST The notorious fairy tale story is brought to life as Belle falls in love with the notoriously frightening beast.
  8. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Returning for the fifth time, the pirates of the Caribbean crew must navigate their latest adventure escaping from the Devil’s Triangle.
  9. DESPICABLE ME 3 This third production of the animation hit follows Gru and his long lost twin as they team up to defeat a common enemy.
  10. KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD After his legacy was hidden from him the majority of his life, Arthur finally meets his destiny to become a legendary leader and fighter. 

Though the world has rapidly changed around us for the past 15 years, Wimmer Solutions has stood strong. Thanks to our community, hard work, and help from you, we are so proud to have made it to this point today.
At both the box-office and the business office, we cannot wait to see what the next 15 years have in store!